Sunday, August 10, 2008

Welcome to my World

My average day begins with trying to get my humans out of bed. They close the bedroom door because they don't want my morning wake up call given at pillow-side anymore. I don't understand why, but now I have to put more effort into waking them up. I start off with a few meows outside the door. Then, they become more "from the gut" with grunts and bellows. The humans seem to ignore this easily. The next step is to sound pitiful with howling. This doesn't seem to work anymore.... as they only flip over in bed and yell "No Roman, go lay down". Well, that doesn't work on me anymore ..... The new "finale" is putting my mouth under the door and yelling at the top of my lungs until the door is opened. This maneuver grants me access to the room. I'm in..... let the day begin.

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BengalDuo said...

Hello there; I'm Keiko T. Katt and I also enjoy this meowing number. I do about the same thing until I get fresh food in my dish. I just hate it when it's been sitting a few hours...*flings it on the floor*