Sunday, August 17, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well, it's a sad day because my humans are both at work again. I'll be all alone at the house (the stupid orange cat doesn't count). This is all I can do to try to prevent the inevitable "leaving of the humans" ....I'll lay on the bag she always takes.... I've claimed it for Romanoffland and it is now mine. You have to stay home because otherwise I won't get any lunch-time treats...... No naps on the big bed with the girl human ... no mid-day trips on my leash. I won't even get to watch Price is Right TV and movies. No sneaking in to take naps in the closet on all the clean clothes..... this is just awful... Hmmmm*Revaluation*
I Roman, supreme leader of Romanoffland command thee peasants(Humans) to go forth into the land and bring back stuff, for me. Make sure everything comes in it's own paper bag for me to play in, and oh yeah don't bring back anything for that orange cat either!
When you're a cat there's always an up side to things.

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