Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bird watching

One of my fans emailed me yesterday and asked: "Roman, what are your hobbies?" Paws down, may favorite pastime is sleeping, but bird watching is a close second. This morning I found myself at my favorite window overlooking the backyard and a small feathered morsel caught my eye. This strange little bird seemed to fly as fast as Kosmo on nip, and was only the size of half my paw. The bird hovered near the window as if mocking me, then drank from a small flower and jetted off. He continued coming and going all morning and I managed to get this picture.

Someone also emailed me asking: "'Roman, how can a cat manage a blog on his own?" Well...not easily. Typing really cuts into my napping, and it's difficult to compose sentences when your paws span three keys. For this reason, I enlisted a side kick (Kosmo), and I do dictation to compose the blog. Kosmo has much smaller paws and can easily find the keys. I do maintain creative control and over see the final editing before it"s ever posted. Here is a photo Kosmo snapped of me this morning doing the final edit before posting.

Now, back to my bird watching.

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