Monday, August 11, 2008

Beggin for Breakfast

The next part of my day is trying to get food. This is a photo of Kosmo and me staring down one of our people to get some cereal milk. The humans have switched my food schedule, now I get all my food at night. They thought I wouldn't cry in the morning because I shouldn't be hungry. Well, I still like to wake them up so they will maybe give me a taste of their breakfast. I enjoy ALL people food, however, they have me on a diet and I don't usually get anything. Plus, I'm not going to do stupid tricks like the orange cat. Can you believe he shakes a paw like a dog to get food? I can usually get food if the people aren't looking and I push the orange cat out of the way.... I'm not going to do stupid dog tricks.

1 comment:

streckfi said...

Dear Roman & Kosmo:

It's nice to find two intelligent cats such as yourselves blogging on the internet. I see you both are on your way to total human domination!

KyleXY & Chewy