Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bag Fun Park

Here is what I did all Sunday.... it was a great day to be at the Bag Fun Park. I played all day and even when my humans weren't playing with me. Don't tell anyone, but I even fell asleep in the bag.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Well I thought I would start off my Labor Day with a good nap on the Tower of Power. I might go to the "Bag" fun park later. (See my earlier posts if you don't know what these places are.) There is a new Bag fun park in town and it's especially fun because there are all these shadows to attack. Right now it's nap time or should I say.... it's NAP DAY.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Well here it is the weekend and I don't have anything to do. The orange cat is trying to get food and running underfoot each time the humans get up. I figured I would get attention by being
C-U-T-E. Of course I win.... they stopped walking around and took my picture. They rubbed my belly and told me what a good kitty I am. The orange cat is getting yelled at for trying to trip the humans....ha ha. stupid cat.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Light snack

Man, I wish I could get those birds. There are 5 hummingbirds out there now...... I bet I could eat it in one bite like I used to do with lizards in Florida. I would catch the lizard with my paw and then shove it in my mouth before my humans could stop me. Here birdie, birdie.....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stop and smell the roses...

I was reminded today about taking time to stop and smell the roses. I've been rushing through my day by ending birdwatching early so I can rush to my nap in the front room. I've hurried through dinner and haven't spent much time with my humans. So today I payed attention to the little things.... took time to smell the roses. Then after my humans left, I ate the roses. mmmmm they were good. I hope they bring me more so I can savor the moment again.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spider Cat

My people watch the Simpsons too much.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

In the bag

I love when my humans bring me bags to play in. The girl human has been buying a lot of clothes lately. I have acquired bags for many of my territories. I have this bag in Romanoffland's capital and it is adjacent to the Tower of Power. "The Bag" fun park doesn't stay in town long so you have to visit them frequently. The best part is hiding in the bag until the orange cat comes by and then ATTACK. He jumps so high it's hysterical.... of course until he comes down and bites me. But it's worth it. Totally worth it.

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Friday, who's the kitty?

Well, it's finially Friday! End of the work week for my peasants(Humans). Now I will command my peasants to lavish gifts upon me and play cat games with me all weekend. I like to walk around the back yard on my leash during the weekend and get brushed by my hired help...yes, I walk on a leash. I do what I have to in order to steal attention away from the evil orange cat. Attention hog as he is, it's like a constant battle around here to see who can look the cutest. I don't worry much thou...after all, I am the kitty!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You are not leaving me here

Seriously.... I can't take another day with the orange cat by myself. If I have to get hostile; I WILL. You are not leaving me here......

As the Supreme Ruler of Romanoffland I order you to take me with you or stay here to feed me. Otherwise, I will have to resort to a night attack on your human nation (I know where you sleep). If you do not comply with my ultimatum, I will also be forced to initiate an "all-out" assault on your shoes.
I hear car keys..... you better wear your favorite shoes.....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hide and Seek

Well, Kosmo and I have found something to pass the time. Hide and seek; it's a human game but it turns out to be pretty fun. I found the best spot...... it took that stupid Kosmo about 20 minutes to find me here in the pantry.... ha ha. I did a very good job being still (it's an easy thing for me to do).


Well it's only been one day since the girl human has gone back to work and I'm so lonely I've actually had to talk to the orange cat. Nothing to do but shoot the sh*t with Kosmo. He's really an odd cat. Very high strung and jumps at every noise.... the ice machine is on and I thought Kosmo was going to crap his fur when the ice cubes hit the tray. Chicken Cat. Well, at least I have some entertainment watching him fly through the air at every noise. I've got to figure out how to turn on the TV.

Monday, Monday

Well, it's a sad day because my humans are both at work again. I'll be all alone at the house (the stupid orange cat doesn't count). This is all I can do to try to prevent the inevitable "leaving of the humans" ....I'll lay on the bag she always takes.... I've claimed it for Romanoffland and it is now mine. You have to stay home because otherwise I won't get any lunch-time treats...... No naps on the big bed with the girl human ... no mid-day trips on my leash. I won't even get to watch Price is Right TV and movies. No sneaking in to take naps in the closet on all the clean clothes..... this is just awful... Hmmmm*Revaluation*
I Roman, supreme leader of Romanoffland command thee peasants(Humans) to go forth into the land and bring back stuff, for me. Make sure everything comes in it's own paper bag for me to play in, and oh yeah don't bring back anything for that orange cat either!
When you're a cat there's always an up side to things.

Sunbeam Sunday

It's just a lazy Sunday and I'm taking advantage of the sunbeam by the front door. The news said it is going to rain later so I've got to get my sunbeam time in a little earlier than usual. Just a quick nap ...... zzzzzzzz

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Night on the town

Sorry I didn't post a blog yesterday, I was on a date with Samantha. Last week she contacted me through my blog and wanted to meet me for milk and mice which is kind of like dinner and a movie for humans. Here's me before the date...pretty handsome if I do say so myself. Samantha said she would be wearing a pink collar so I could find her at the Milk Club. She was a foxxy cat and we had a great time at the club. I figured she could come back to my place and we can chat around the automatic water bowl. Well the date didn't end as I planned because Kosmo opened his big mouth and told her I was fixed! She bolted.....turned out Samantha only was interested in me for kittens. O'well ....... there's got to be a girl out there for me somewhere. Next time I think I'll shut Kosmo in the closet.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The capital of Romanoffland

Speaking of claiming the laundry shoot for my nation of Romanoffland, I'd like to show you the wonderful tower at the center of the capital. The Tower of Power was constructed almost a year ago and is a key feature of Romanoffland. It is only to be used by native Romanoffs but the orange cat will still try to use the tower causing tension between our two nations. I enjoy spending many hours on the top and it has a great view of the land. In this photo of me on the tower you can not see the other sections of the tower which include a rope scratching post and a cubbie hole to hide in.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Laundry Day

Surprise Attack! The laundry shoot is mine!

I claim it in the name of Romanoffland and shall defend it against all enemies. Kosmo and humans be warned. (I still have my claws).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bird watching

One of my fans emailed me yesterday and asked: "Roman, what are your hobbies?" Paws down, may favorite pastime is sleeping, but bird watching is a close second. This morning I found myself at my favorite window overlooking the backyard and a small feathered morsel caught my eye. This strange little bird seemed to fly as fast as Kosmo on nip, and was only the size of half my paw. The bird hovered near the window as if mocking me, then drank from a small flower and jetted off. He continued coming and going all morning and I managed to get this picture.

Someone also emailed me asking: "'Roman, how can a cat manage a blog on his own?" Well...not easily. Typing really cuts into my napping, and it's difficult to compose sentences when your paws span three keys. For this reason, I enlisted a side kick (Kosmo), and I do dictation to compose the blog. Kosmo has much smaller paws and can easily find the keys. I do maintain creative control and over see the final editing before it"s ever posted. Here is a photo Kosmo snapped of me this morning doing the final edit before posting.

Now, back to my bird watching.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Beggin for Breakfast

The next part of my day is trying to get food. This is a photo of Kosmo and me staring down one of our people to get some cereal milk. The humans have switched my food schedule, now I get all my food at night. They thought I wouldn't cry in the morning because I shouldn't be hungry. Well, I still like to wake them up so they will maybe give me a taste of their breakfast. I enjoy ALL people food, however, they have me on a diet and I don't usually get anything. Plus, I'm not going to do stupid tricks like the orange cat. Can you believe he shakes a paw like a dog to get food? I can usually get food if the people aren't looking and I push the orange cat out of the way.... I'm not going to do stupid dog tricks.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Welcome to my World

My average day begins with trying to get my humans out of bed. They close the bedroom door because they don't want my morning wake up call given at pillow-side anymore. I don't understand why, but now I have to put more effort into waking them up. I start off with a few meows outside the door. Then, they become more "from the gut" with grunts and bellows. The humans seem to ignore this easily. The next step is to sound pitiful with howling. This doesn't seem to work anymore.... as they only flip over in bed and yell "No Roman, go lay down". Well, that doesn't work on me anymore ..... The new "finale" is putting my mouth under the door and yelling at the top of my lungs until the door is opened. This maneuver grants me access to the room. I'm in..... let the day begin.