Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sick kitty

Sorry for not posting for a while, but I've been sick. Kosmo started it! He was sneezing before the humans left so they took him to the vet. The vet said Asthma, but the humans said if one of the cats had that it was me, Roman T. because I snuff things really loudly. Kosmo quit sneezing and coughing, so they figured he was okay and didn't try to force any pills down his throat because he was already stressed from the vet visit and blood test (no heartworms). Plus the humans had been painting and spray painting upstairs so they thought it had just irritated his little kitty nose.

Well, the stress of the humans leaving him made him sick again...when the humans got back, Kosmo started sneezing and then they stressed him out more with replacing the AC. Worker guys with shoes to scare Kosmo..and NO AC! it was hot and yuckie.  After that Kosmo was sneezing with snot flying out everywhere. So the girl human started giving him his asthma medicine with soft food....well I wasn't going to sit around and not get some of that soft food! Even though the girl human tried to keep me out...I got some.

 Now, I'm sick.... sneezing too. The humans called the vet and the mean counter lady said give them the meds we already prescribed. Kosmo now had a goopey eye along with snot flying out of the vet gave him eye medicine. The girl human asked if we should be treating Kosmo for a cold/URI instead of asthma? Mean counter girl said no give them the meds you were supposed to give before...... So the girl human went on the Internet to look for a new vet....and what to do about her sick kitties. She found some info and decided to call the vet to make sure he thought it was okay...not going to speak to mean counter girl again. The nice counter boy answered, well the girl human said if he has a goopey eye and  the other cat is now sneezing when he wasn't before shouldn't I be treating them both for a respiratory infection and not asthma? She explained the stuff she found on-line and counter boy said yes. Go get that and also give them the other meds too.

So It's been a stressful time around here. The humans have been super nice and letting us sleep in the bed with them at night...even though we kept them up with sneezing snot all over their feet and faces...hee hee. I've gotten a lot of soft food, not just our usual holiday doses, it has been everyday!  We got chicken broth drinks and yummy treats. Lots of love from our humans and now we are both better. We are up and around the house and looking like our regular cute kitty-selves.


MainecoonMa said...

Sorry to hear you guys were "Snuffy" and that you are both recovering ((HUGZ N PURRZZ))
When I first adopted Maizee she came down with a URI and then passed it on to Murf...but it was Maiz who was the most annoying in bed. I called her my lil 'snuffleufugas', I soooo get the hoomans experience LOL!!

Roman T. Cat said...

Thanks, we are finally sneeze free! The girl human keeps trying to convince the boy human that we should still be allowed to sleep with them, but he's not buying it. He doesn't like me walking on his pillow at 2 am even if I'm not going to sneeze on him too.