Thursday, July 29, 2010

A little lower

My humans have decided I am all fur.... that there is no body under all this hair. They are so silly! It's not my fault that when they pick me up I leave a cat sized blob of hair on their clothes. The girl human has been giving us brush time everyday since she's still on vacation, but apparently that isn't enough....

Every time the humans get this thing out to suck up some dirt, I run over and look at it. So the boy human thought I wouldn't mind it sucking up my extra fur right off my back! Now maybe I can get vacuumed every time it's out......... oooohhhhhh what a treat! I love this mini-vacuum! When the humans brush us the regular way that orange kitty hogs the brush, but he's scared of this just like everything else, so it's mine all MINE.

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