Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hoping for extra food

Today is a good day, every thing is back to normal.
My humans are back  from vacation and
 I'm hanging out in the front room watching the daily routine.
I'm glad my humans are home, but I'm stll looking for the girl human that took care of us
while our humans were away. I hope she'll come and feed us even more.  


MainecoonMa said...

When Mawm goez out of town our Grammy & Grampy come take care of uz, and boy do we make out!! They give uz LOTZA treatz & play w/uz, they luvz their grandkittehz....
Where did your humanz go???

Roman T. Cat said...

We made out like bandits too, the friend human pets us lots and gives us extra food. Our humans were in Vegas and said it was a good time but they missed us kitties of course.