Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NaNA Nabooboo

The girl human was finishing up laundry and was folding the kitchen towels to put in the cabinet. She was silly in opening the cabinet before she was ready because it stayed open.....and I moved in.

When I was told to get out......this was my reply. NaNA NAbooboo...PPPPPPllllllll. (and sticking out my tounge at her)

It didn't go over so well..... she shut me in the cabinet and I couldn't get out. I pushed....and the door didn't open. I pushed harder and it opened, but then came back at me'. I'll think twice before I go in a cabinet again because it took me about 15 minutes to get out.


Anonymous said...

so happy to see you are back, do your humans have to worry abot the swine flu at all? up here we see a lot about schools closing in texas becaus of it. wiskers

Roman T said...

Not yet. The girl human only has a few more weeks of school until June 5. They did close a school near here but not in her district.