Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So Comfy

Today was great. The humans are still changing things around here and I got some new things to lay on. I refused to get up because it was so comfortable. However, I was chased from the room when I began to sharpen my claws on them. Then, I came back in and tried to chew on them.....chased away again. My next attempt was to eat the strings.....also caused me to get chased and yelled at. So I settled for laying on all the items the humans needed. Anything and everything that was put on the floor I sat on. It was a fun day.


lucyliu said...

You better be a good kitty or you will not be allowed to play with your mimi because you will be in kitty time out or something.

Roman T. Cat said...

I make no promises...I am Roman Trouble Cat.