Monday, September 29, 2008


Well I had hoped that the hurricane would have gotten rid of my nemesis.... Duckie. Duckie got hit by a lot of branches...but didn't sink. He endlessly taunts me from the pool that he is outside and I am not. He floats around in and stops by my window to tease me. I got to get him once... he had come to the edge of the pool and I was out with the boy human and I hit that duckie on the head and bit him. I know I can only get him if he is on the edge of the pool because I found out the pool is all water! What are the humans thinking jumping into WATER! Stupid humans. I don't like the way water feels on my body.... I try to avoid it but one day I was looking at the boy human and accidentally backed up and fell into the pool! The girl human freaked out and pulled on my leash...she dragged me out of the pool.

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